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Project & IT Service Management F.E.C.


Autumn 2020

Are you looking for a new expert for project or service management tasks? Would you like to find a motivated person with a passion to develop their own skills?

This autumn Talentgate will implement an Project & IT Service Management F.E.C. program in cooperation with the Uusimaa ELY Center, TE Services and ItSMF Finland. The aim of the training program is to educate new experts to the market to meet the companies’ needs. 

During the six-month-long recruiting training program, the training participants will work for the company while updating their skills in Project Management, Agile Projects, IT Service Management etc.

For this training period a training contract will be signed and at the end of the program the expert can be hired without a separate recruitment fee.


An easy way to recruit and train


  1. Defining the recruitment need together with Talentgate
  2. Marketing of the training program, visibility for recruiting companies
  3. Talentgate evaluates applicants and presents the most suitable candidates to companies
  4. The company interviews the candidates they would like to meet
  5. The company selects the candidate they want to the training program
  6. A six-month period of on-the-job learning and training
  7. Training contract for the duration of the program and decision on recruitment during the program

  • Recruiting a suitable person - Motivated experts who want to invest in developing their skills
  • Time-Saving – Talentgate takes care of the recruitment process and presents candidates for your needs
  • Training – Forget the separately acquired training, qualifying training for the job is part of the program
  • Risk-free and flexible - The final decision of recruitment is made at the end of the program
  • Cost Efficient - A training contract will be concluded for the training program


The aim of the program is to recruit the expert after the training program. During the Project & IT Service Management F.E.C. program the participant will become acquainted with e.g. project management, agile project management, IT service management, project management tools & leadership skills. Participant will aslo have opportunity to take either Prince2 or ITIL4 Foundation certification exam.

  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • IT Service Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Customer Care 
  • Service Desk
  • IT Specialist


Applicants include a wide range of experts with different technical educational backgrounds. Among them are both recently graduated experts at the beginning of their career and more experienced professionals making a career change.

The applicants aim for both supportive and specialist tasks. They all have two things in common: solid motivation to develop their skills and the willingness to take the next step in their career!

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Ville Nurminen

Account Manager, Recruitment Services (Uusimaa)

+358 50 407 9689


Sari Ala-Kulju

Sari Ala-Kulju

Account Manager, Recruitment Services (Uusimaa)

+358 40 0363 332