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Application deadline 13.9.2021

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Do you have an analytical mind-set and passion for games and/or apps or have you dreamed of working in the industry? Games and Apps UA Talent could be your gateway to make your dream come true!

12 New Games and Apps UA Talents

Several Finnish gaming and mobile app companies need fresh talent to boost their User Acquisition as well as Data Analytics, Engagement, Retention and Monetization. Companies are therefore ready to invest in the training and development of new talents and this is where we at Talentgate (in collaboration with Google) are ready to help. Games and Apps UA Talent recruitment training program trains new UA talents for companies' needs. 

The program combines training held by Google and industry professionals with on-the-job learning for six months. You will sign a training contract with the recruiting company with an aim to sign a work contract after the program. 

The roles and requirements vary from company to company, but are all related to User Acquisition, Data Analytics, Community Management (incl. Support) and Marketing. Among the companies looking for new talents are:

• Dazzle Rocks

• Dodreams

• Frogmind

• Kukouri Mobile Entertainment

• Kuuhubb

Quicksave Interactive

• Return Entertainment

• School Day

• Small Giant Games

• Superplus Games

• Twisted Ark

• Wolt Enterprises Oy

We want you to get the best possible start to your career in the game and app industry. To accomplish that, we have built a training program held by industry professionals and Google that cannot be found anywhere else. During the training you will learn about the mobile growth stack including e.g F2P, metrics, analytics, monetization, engagement, retention, CPI, MAU, ARPU, LTV, IAP and a lot more. We don’t expect for you to already know about these things, but we expect you to be willing to invest in your development.

Training days include following topics:

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Performance Marketing

User Acquisition and Management

Media Planning and Ads

App Stores

Engagement and Retention

Life Cycle Marketing

Building and Managing a User Community

Monetization of Games and Apps

Utilizing UA Tools

Data Analytics in User Acquisition

Influencer Marketing and Virality

We are looking for people who have an interest in the game and/or app industry, can-do attitude, and good English language skills. Most of the roles also require an analytical mind-set. The field of User Acquisition is in constant change so you also need to be ready to take on new skills to be able to stay on the forefront.

You can either have a technical, business oriented, mathematical or other relevant educational background. Understanding of data-oriented marketing and/or mathematical skills are considered a plus. The training will be held in English and most of the companies involved do not require Finnish language skills. You can either be recently graduated or more experienced professional, the most important thing is your motivation to learn about the industry and willingness to develop your skills.

The Games and Apps UA Talent is a labour market training program. You are eligible to apply if you are currently unemployed or your employment is ending. During the training, you can apply for unemployment benefit (ansiopäiväraha, peruspäiväraha or työmarkkinatuki) to which you are entitled to when you are unemployed. In addition, you can also apply for claim compensation for work and training days.


Apply now to begin your journey to becoming a User Acquisition professional! Interviews and selections in the recruiting companies start already during the application period so you need to be quick to secure your place!

Here are the instructions to apply:

  • Fill in the application form at the TE Services website here.
  • Create a profile with your details in Talentgate's recruitment portal here.

We will introduce your profile to the companies who will interview you if your skills meet their needs. To get a place in the training program requires that we find you a partner company for the on-the-job training.

The last day to apply is September 13th!

The training starts on Monday 18th of October  and last for six months including a holiday period 27.12.- 31.12.2021.




If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us! 

Phone: 010 231 6922

E-mail: recruitment@talentgate.fi




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