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Develop your international business skills and find a future career!


Several Finnish companies are looking for new talents through the International Business Talent F.E.C recruitment training program. The aim of the program is to strengthen your international business skills through a six-month program combining both on-the-job learning and trainings held by expert international business trainers. After the program, you will know the basics of international business and be able to work in e.g international sales, marketing or business development. Program is targeted specially for jobseekers and companies in Soutwest Finland area.

Tämä rekrytoiva koulutusohjelma soveltuu sekä suomen- että englanninkielisille työnhakijoille. Kokonaisuuteen kuuluvat luennot toteutetaan englanniksi tai suomeksi, lue lisää ohjelmasta suomeksi täällä.


Companies looking for talent


Companies from various sectors are looking for both fresh new talent and more experienced professionals. The aim of the companies is to recruit the participants after the program.

Companies from small growth companies to large companies are looking for a suitable person to work in e.g international sales, marketing, account management, business development, export and import, distribution channel mapping, localization etc. Job roles can be defined in a flexible way to both match the needs of potential employer and support aspirations of the jobseeker.

Program includes 20 days of training


Six-month program includes 20 days of training hosted by experienced professionals with focus on developing your International Business skills. Teaching is in English or Finnish, Limited Professional Proficiency expected.


Main training modules:

  • Internationalization of the company
    • Introduction to internationalization, creating a strategy
    • International networks
  • International Business
    • Sales skills, sales development & leadership
    • International contract law, intellectual property rights and their protection
    • International trading operations
  • Digitalization in international business
    • Digital growth opportunities
    • Digital marketing, online visibility and social selling
  • Career counseling & job hunting

Trainings will take place in Turku.


To whom?


You should have an interest towards developing yourself and becoming an international business professional. You can apply if you are currently an unemployed, registered jobseeker, facing the prospect of unemployment, plus you have an active account with TE Services.

You can have a business/technical/other relevant background through either education or work experience. The requirements of the companies vary a lot depending on their needs and respective industries.

Participants will receive unemployment benefit for the duration of the program.


Apply now!


The application deadline ends on October 14th, but the selection process is already ongoing.

To be eligible for the program, you need to fill in the TE Services application at their website and leave your details to TalentGate’s application system.

  1. Fill out TE Services’ training application online
  2. Also, submit your application to to TalentGate’s system. This information is used to present you to the recruiting companies.

Once you have applied to the program, companies will interview the candidates they consider suitable for their job position. The program will begin once the company has selected an individual and they will accept the place.

Targeted start is November 11th for those found a partner organization, however there will be flexibility for starting in October/November.



The program is labor-market training program and during the program you will receive the salary-linked and basic unemployment benefit, and the labor market support, to which you are entitled as an unemployed person, as well as having your expenses reimbursed. You can get more information about applying and financial support from the Labor Line Education Advice service on 0295 020 702 or