The TalentGate F.E.C recruitment & training programmes is a flexible concept in personnel recruitment for growth firms by matching jobseekers with potential employers.

The F.E.C-recruitment & training programmes are enabled and supported by the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-keskus).


An F.E.C. recruitment & training programme (duration app. 6 months) places a jobseeker at a host firm to perform assigned tasks. During this period s/he also participates in business training sessions organised by TalentGate. The programme is structured by a three-party training agreement among the host firm, the jobseeker and TalentGate.

New Technologies & Law F.E.C recruitment & training programme

The New Technologies & Law F.E.C is targeted to jobseekers with a degree in law but also open to those with degrees in other subjects having relevant working experience who are looking for new employment opportunities in technology and related business sectors or in law firms.

This F.E.C recruitment & training programme comprises 120 working days – 100 days for work performance at the host firm and 20 days for training sessions organised by TalentGate.

TalentGate’s business training sessions are intended to provide participants with knowledge and skills for tasks related to the following themes:

1. Introduction to digitalisation and juridical issues
2. Contracts and international market regulations
3. Immaterial property rights and strategies
4. Digital marketing and regulations
5. Data management and security issues
6. eCommerce platforms and contracts
7. Labour law and human resources in technology sector
8. Presentation and negotiations skills
9. Career coaching


The main objective of the F.E.C. recruitment & training programme is to facilitate employment potential between host firms and jobseekers. The training agreement applied in the programme gives both the host firm and jobseeker a great opportunity for development cooperation. At any point during the training period the host firm and a jobseeker may conclude an actual employment contract if both parties are satisfied with the outcomes.


The F.E.C recruitment & training programme offers a flexible way to assess a potential employer or employee before concluding an actual employment contract. The host firm may assess the skills, knowledge and suitability of the jobseeker through practice, while the jobseeker has an opportunity to demonstrate his/her competences and be familiarised with the potential employer’s organisation and field of business.

The host firm does not pay a salary during the training period. The jobseeker is compensated by Finnish unemployment benefit which is based on his/her previous income level.

The participation investment for a host firm is 7.800 € (+VAT 24%) which covers the 6-month training agreement period with a suitable jobseeker.


Please contact TalentGate for further information about jobseeker candidates and selection process!