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Search for training has ended. Thanks to all the applicants!

IT Service & Project Management F.E.C (Further Educated with Companies) training is offered to those searching for new job opportunities in the Information & Communication Technology sector, and who wish to update and strengthen their Service and Project Management skills and general IT know-how. Training themes are e.g., ITIL Framework, Prince2 and Agile Methods.

Tämä koulutus soveltuu sekä suomen- että englanninkielisille työnhakijoille, jotka tähtäävät tehtäviin joissa tarvitaan IT-projekteihin liittyvää osaamista. Kokonaisuuteen kuuluvat luennot toteutetaan englanniksi, koulutukseen kuuluvista sertifioinneista IPMA D on mahdollista suorittaa suomeksi.

IT Service & Project Management F.E.C training is targeted at persons in transition (i.e.about to become or currently unemployed) and thus looking for new job opportunities. You should have a commercial or technical degree and gained a few years’ work experience in ICT or other relevant industry. This labour market training is also suitable for professionals with a longer work history.

On-the-job -training

TalentGate F.E.C trainings aim at enhancing recruiting of unemployed jobseekers to companies with preliminary needs for new personnel. TalentGate FEC Trainings offer job seekers an alternative way for getting in touch with potential recruiters, vice versa they offer companies and other organizations a flexible way for recruiting new personnel. Companies from ICT and also many other industries are continuously searching for new talent through TalentGate. For the job seeker on-the-job-training offers a good opportunity to maintain or develop skills while working, plus a good chance to evaluate organizations suitability to own skills and aspirations.

Preconditions and benefits for jobseekers

Currently you are unemployed or your current employment is in endangered through, e.g., co-determination negotiations, a temporary lay-off or the ending of a fixed-term employment contract. Your target position may be from junior to expert level, companies are looking for both fresh talents and professionals with extensive experience. You may have a commercial or technical background and/or education, other fields of experience are also possible.

IT Service & Project Management F.E.C may offer you a shortcut to a company that suits to your career plans, needs and expertise but is not reachable. Your position at the company during the training may be tailored according to you skills and potential – on-the-job-training gives you an opportunity to both develop yours skills and build your next job.

Benefits for companies

IT Service & Project Management F.E.C provides companies with an excellent medium to select and test potential employee during the 6-month period. It can also be used for crafting a well-suiting role and responsibility to a potential employee with limited risk. If a company finds a potential employee, whom is also willing to start co-operation through the training, the company pays a program fee, there are no other direct costs to the training period. Salary is not paid during the Training (co-operation is based on an on-the-job-training agreement), the main source of income for the participating person is the unemployment allowance. The aim of TalentGate F.E.C Training period is signing an employment contract.

How to apply?

Search for training has ended. Thanks to all the applicants!

Official application is made via TE Service’s webpage. Go to tab “Tiedot” and press “Hae tähän koulutukseen” to start. In case you apply without banking credential you must confirm your application by visiting TE Services before application period ends (April 10th). Please note that pre-selection is based on submitted applications. In your application, you must justify why you should be selected for the training. Please tell about your ICT and / or Project Management skills and relevant work / other experience to reason your approval.

Also remember to submit your application to TalentGate’s system

Training modules

Main training modules during this F.E.C training program:

  • Introduction to IT Service Management, its development and digitalisation
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Prince2 processes: Starting up, Initiating, Directing (a Project), Controlling (a Stage), Managing Product Delivery, Managing a Stage Boundary, Closing (a Project)
  • Relevant Project Management themes such as Agile methods, Business Case, plans, change control, organisation roles
  • ITIL Overview (Service Strategy, Design, Transition and Operation)
  • ITIL Framework
  • Certification Exam (Prince2 Foundation or ITIL Foundation or IPMA D)
  • General business trainings
  • Career counseling

The trainings are hosted by experienced project management and other professionals with main focus on developing your Project Management skills & IT Service Management know-how. Training is conducted in English, Limited Professional Proficiency expected.



Applications deadline: April 10th

Targeted start is April 30th for those found a partner organization, however there will be flexibility for starting in April / May.

Each year 150-200 companies find new employee via TalentGate trainings. Feedback rate from our participants is 4 or higher (rating: 1=not satisfied, …, 5=most satisfied).

Contact person

Ville Nurminen

Ville Nurminen

+358 (0)50 407 9689